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Fundraise for Charity and Make Your Miles Count

Muscular dystrophy, ALS and related diseases take away everyday abilities like walking, running, hugging, getting dressed independently and even talking and breathing. These diseases weaken muscles, including one of our most important muscles — the heart. They are life-threatening, and today we have few treatments and no cures.


With Vinchay’s MDA Team Momentum, every mile you run or walk and every dollar you raise will help MDA fund groundbreaking research across diseases, provide care from day one and empower families with services and support in hometowns across America.

Train to Compete in the event of your choice! Forge friendships with people like you who want to do more for health, for life, and to raise funds to fuel the fight for healthy muscles.

As a member of Vinchay’s team, you will be able to select any existing sanctioned race or organized event of your choice from a 5K to an Ironman. You will register directly with the race and have the ability to raise funds as you train. With every step, you’ll advance MDA’s mission to assist families with health care services and day-to-day support, fund research breakthroughs worldwide, and fight back against dozens of life-threatening muscle diseases. Cross the finish line. Win. And make every mile count in the race to find cures for muscle disease.

MDA invests every day in research to find breakthrough treatments and cures across diseases.

Current MDA - funded research projects in 12 countries.

MDA Care Centers across the united States and in Puerto Rico located at top hospitals and health care facilities

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Join Vinchay’s Team Momentum, and dedicate your miles to kids and adults living with muscle-debilitating diseases.