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  Draft Phasing

Phase I: Basic Tracking

User can track their workout regimen in simplistic way

  • A list of exercises are in the app dictionary for fast typing and word completion. The option at the top let’s you add an exercise
  • When adding exercises it only gives you one set. When you click on the exercise field you can choose to add sets to that exercise.The scroll will let you pick between adding 1-5 sets (maximum set is 5). This will create x number of new fields next to the exercise name
  • The only thing the app does in this phase is track and log.
  • Entering data can be done by first tapping on the set field the user wants to edit. A scroll bar will show up and the user can choose to slide up or down (left or right) to set the lbs. The scroll bar automatically opens up at the last weight entered on a particular exercise. So users can just tap twice to enter the same weight on the following set or simply scroll slightly up or down to set the up weight or down weight.
  • Tapping on the exercise field gives you the option to add a set or edit exercise (hold to edit, comment, delete exercise).
  • On set field, users can choose to scroll to set time instead of lbs or set BW (for body weight).
  • After entering the weight the user will be prompted to enter the number of reps, again the scroll bar will be automatically set to the last settings. The options will range from 1-20.
  • On basic, users only set, sets, reps and weight.
  • Each field has a comment option which can be initiated by tapping twice on the field.
  • A box pops up and the keyboard shows up.
  • Fields with comments have an indicator to point to it.
  • Two taps on the field allows you to read the comment, add a comment or delete a comment. No editing. All comments are timestamped.
  • There’s an “expand” option to save real estate on extra info.

Phase II: Advanced Tracking

Further functionality & features to allow in-depth workout tracking

  • Future installment will include analysis and insights
  • 6 Options: Sloppy, Cheated, Ok, Perfect Form, to Failure, Rest-Pause
  • Still deciding on whether or not to include rest time. For personal use its not that important but when troubleshooting someone else’s workout you can quickly see where they go wrong or why they are not getting the results they are seeking.
  • User will have the option to set the setting for their program. Basic or Advanced
  • In advanced the user can choose to include rest time and workout duration, time completion and what not

Phase III: Workout Plan Integration

Pre-populated workout plans added so users can easily integrate into personal workouts

  • Running plans, swimming plans, weight training, and plans for specific goals (example Gluteus development)
  • The plans are organized by most recent and it has the date of when it was last updated.
  • When I click on select plans, a spreadsheet opens up and I’m able to edit any fields.
  • Each workout program has its side menu that can be pulled in and out so users can jump to a specific section of the program. For example, monday, Tuesday or back, chest, biceps.
  • Users have the option of 2 views- to see the entire program (long scrolling) or have the program divided up in sections.

Phase IV: Workout Sharing

Functionality to allow easy export & sharing of workouts across channels

  • Users have the option to copy the plan, share the plan – share via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit
  • Export to excel, invite others to view static page of workout/progress
  • Users are able to import plan from Google Sheets

Phase V: Community & Connections

Ability to connect to others and complete workouts in parallel

  • Can allow members of community to see workouts (workout partners can see what each is doing), progress (eg trainer can view progress), and communicate with each other*.

Resolve Project Plan

– Concept Phasing/Approach: COMPLETE
– Wireframe (ROUGH draft): COMPLETE
– Branding Concept (including color scheme/initial design elements): COMPLETE
– Design Screen test (Front/landing page): COMPLETE
– Design Screen test (Major/pivotal screens): TBD
– User Experience test (Us): TBD
– User Experience test (Focus group): TBD
– Feedback analysis: TBD
– App Developer consultation: TBD (may occur concurrently with design)
– Feedback integration: TBD
– User Experience test (if any changes): TBD
– App development (Phase 1a): TBD
– User experience test with working prototype (Phase 1a): TBD